What Clients Say

"His composition has enhanced our work's sense of brand'"

— Patrick Hathaway, Director and Producer at Jammy Custard Animation

"He has consitently brought our animated projects to life"

— Billy Mpetha, Company Director at Toastie Animation

"He’s talented, passionate, easy to work with"

— J.ournal Poems, LA based spoken word poet/videomaker

"We would highly recommend him to any other filmmakers"

— Justin Chaloner, Producer at Purple Hat Productions

"He really understood the tone of the film with his composition" 

— Terri Culbertson, Producer on 'Doubt' (Short Film)

"Music was essential to help bring the emotion out and Tom really delivered"

— Daisy Victoria, Director of 'Tornado' (Short Film)




I've been fortunate to have worked on projects for a variety of great brands.