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Music and Sound Solutions

Your music and sound needs taken care of, with fine attention to detail to help bring your projects alive.


Having spent many years composing music and sound for a variety of projects, I appreciate the importance of strikingly well-fitting music and sound to bring out the best of any film or animation.

The Music and Sound Solutions service I offer is intended to enhance your project with perfectly fitting music and/or sound design, leaving you free to keep on creating!

  • Bespoke music composed specially for your project.


  • Royalty free music sourced and matched to your project.



  • Mixing of voiceover, foley/sfx and music taken care of.

  • Foley/sound effects sourced and matched to your project.

Audio Branding

I love giving brands a voice - digging into the history, ethos and mission of a company to create the perfect, memorable sonic signature.

- Increase your brand's recognition.
- Carry your brand's message through sound.
- Connect to your customers.

Audio Branding
Watch Now

"Tom has a phenomenal ability to get the brief first time and produce exceptional music and sound effects to compliment our logo animations.
It really puts an invaluable finishing touch onto our work."

- Lewis Darby, Founder at Yard B Studios

I love developing long-term working partnerships with creators, and offer my music and sound services on an ongoing basis for animation/film producers who want a reliable, 'go-to' collaborator.

Quick Turnaround
With years of experience working on fast-paced projects with short deadlines, I am used to turning around music/sound efficiently. Working from my home studio allows me to work on projects around the clock, allowing for a seamless continuation of your workflow.

Let's Work Together

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